How To Install Native Trainer in GTA 5 with Script Hook V

What is Native Trainer:- Native Trainer is a type of shortcut or you can call as Cheat Menu, and you can unlock all & spawn additional Cars, Planes, Weapons, and also you can Teleport the player in anywhere in marker on GTA V map.

Download From Here Download


Here is the name of some Characters- Pig, Cow, Fish, ChimpanzeePigeon, Whale, Hen, Male & Female 99+ more characters.
Get All CarsGet All PlanesInvisible PlayerGet All WeaponsNever Wanted LevelSpeed Boost Up to 576 

Infinite Time Invincibility without Painkiller You Can Paint CarMany More things

Additional Details

Game Name- Grand Theft Auto V
Mod Size- 3.98 MB Zip File

Installing Turorial

First you need this file

After downloading my file 'Right click' on 'GTA V Native Trainer - Rock Gamer' and choose 'Extract here'

After Extracting you will get a Folder just open the folder and 'Copy' all files

After 'Copy' the files simply go to GTA 5 Game Folder and 'Paste'

After 'Paste' the files now your Installation is complete

See how to run the game
Right Click on 'GTAVLauncher' and choose 'Run as administer' Done

How to use press 'F4' key on your keyboard to show the menu now use Number keys for moving menu options.

Press 8 for move Up
Press 2 for move Down
Press 6 for Right
Press 4 for Left
Press 5 to Select Menu Option
Press 0 to Back Menu

See some fun mods

Invisible Player This is Interesting 😂 Where is the player?
See the video Player's body hidden only weapons are showing
Go To: Option> Player Visible

Vehicles God mode: When you Enable 'Vehicle God Mode' your vehicles never will damage
Go To: Vehicle Option> and Enable Vehicle God Mode

All Planes available like- P-996 Lazer Fighter Jet and Hydra Jet & all Aeroplanes and Cars & Boats you can Spawn
Go To: Vehicle Spawning> Planes or Cars

Friends, you have seen how to install Native Trainer menu in GTA 5, I hope you liked it, please use these options on your own, and if you have any suggestions you can comment or you can DM me on Instagram.

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