Top 5 Most Annoying Frustrated Games Ever

Friends, today I am going to tell you about the Top 5 most annoying frustrating games, which the Robots can also go crazy by playing. I mean after playing these games you will become frustrated. And once Sayed plays you will never play these games again.

So, let's begin the frustrating article warning please don't play these games if you don't have patience and angry controlling power otherwise you should loss yourself or your device. 😂

Number 5:

  • Cat Mario

Guy's I have known your child wood game is Super Mario but do you hear about Cat Mario? If no so I want to tell you this game is not easy like Super Mario because this is an Annoying game and this game is similar to Unfair Mario, So if you wanted to play this game so you can play the game Online and this is available for PC you can search on Google well you can play through given link below.

Number 4:

  • Jelly Mario

Friends, Jelly Mario functions are not like Super Mario because in this game you can't jump proper. Because this game is developed with the Jelly behavior effect. You can't understand well, let's play and experience this wired game. Again this is available to play online.

Number 3:

  • Floppy Bird

Friends, according to me Floppy Bird is the worst game ever which I have seen in my whole life, Now you think why I tell this is the worst game ever so the reason is, In this game, you can't make even 2-3 Score, If you think you are pro games then stop, and play this worst game.

Number 2:

  • Unfair Mario

Friends, I think you remember with Unfair Mario because this is one of the popular games like Super Mario, And here is an interesting facet of this game which is Unfair Mario game size is only 4 MB for PC version also it's available Online free for play.

Number 1:

  • Getting Over It

Friends, the first frustrating game in our list is Getting Over It, I don't think this game needs any introduction because this game is Insulted by every Gamer, Streamer & YouTubers. The story of this game is very annoying coz you need to climb on big rocks & hills and go to the moon through these damaged rocks, Guys this game is available for PC and Android both platforms you can play but I recommend you to play the game on Computer or Laptop for best experience by the way you need more practice and patience to complete the game. This game is not available online play so you can play if you see my YouTube video, I already uploaded a video on how to run getting over it in PC.

Online Not Available because game size is around 700 MB

So, I hope you like and enjoy these annoying games and if you like these articles then please leave a comment so that we are motivated by your appreciation and upload more interesting content in the future for you guys.

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