How To Boost FPS in GTA 5 - Increase GTA V FPS

Hello, everyone if you don't get enough FPS in GTA 5 so don't worry because today I will show you how to boost Grand Theft Auto V frame rate organically, without any third-party GTA mods, Guy's no doubt this trick will work for all low-end or high-end PC without any problem. Friends if you watch my YouTube videos so you have known I already uploaded a video on how can we optimize and increase FPS in GTA 5 game.


Question: Can we play GTA Online using this?
Answer: Yes, there is nothing wrong with this trick obviously you can play.

Question: Does it will work in Intel integrated graphics or Ryzen APU without a GPU?
Answer: Yes, you can get 20-25 FPS extra without a GPU.

Question: Does it will work on Windows 7 or Windows 8?
Answer: Of Course.

Question: Any risk of damage to the game?
Answer: No, because we don't modify any .rpf file.

Question: Can we restore the old game?
Answer: Of Course, when you delete the setting.xml file your game automatically restores to normal.

So, let's begin the trick

Step 1 you need this file Click Here To Download

In the top right corner, you can see a download button just click and save

Step 2 After download you will get a notepad file 'Rock Gamer Settings'

Step 3 Open the file and 'Copy' all text

Step 4 After 'Copy' the text Go To Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V and here you find a Setting.xml file simply Right-click and choose Open with and Select Notepad

Step 5 After opened 'Scroll Down' and select all text Except the down three lines and 'Paste'

Now 'Save' and exit almost Done

Step 6 Go To GTA 5 main game folder and here right-click on GTA5 and go to Properties

And here go to 'Compatibility' Tab and mark on 'Disable fullscreen optimization' and then go to 'Change high DPI settings' and here mark on 'Override high DPI scaling behavior Scaling performed by' and 'Apply' and click 'OK'

Now do this same with GTA 'GTAVLauncher'

Done game is ready for Play Open the game 'Run as administer' and enjoy.

Enjoy The Game and if you have to face any problem then you can frequently ask on Instagram

Thanks for your visit 😊

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