How To Skip Any Mission in GTA San Andreas

Hello, everybody how are you today, I showing you the tutorial on one of the most popular GTA series game which is how to skip any mission in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC game. So, if you can't able to complete any mission so in this case you can skip the mission easily.

Guy's I seen lots of comment on my YouTube video that is this save file is not working for so many people, Don't worry because today I updated and fixed this problem, So that it will be work's for everybody. 

Additional Information:-

File size: 4.59 MB
Server: Mediafire
Platform: For PC Only
Total files: All save files 94 Items all

Click Here To Download

So let's begin the tutorial.

First You Need This File▼ 

As you can see here

After downloading my file you will get a rar file which name is 'GTA San Andreas All Save Files By Rock Gamer'

Look at this

Now right click on it and choose 'Extract Here'

How To Extract

After Extracting the rar file you get many folders like this

These are Save Files

Let's see Installation Process

Simply open the any folder which mission you want to skip and right click on savefile and choose 'Copy'


After 'Copying' the file now Go To 'Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files' 

Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files

After open the 'Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files' simply right click and 'Paste'


Installation is now completed Go To Game folder and Open the game 'Run as administer'

Run as administer

Done Enjoy the game

So friends, you saw how you skip any mission in GTA San Andreas. So I hope you liked this post. If you like, then please comment and if there is any error, then DM me on Instagram, I will help you there.

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