How To Fix Isdone.dll & Unarc.dll Error While Installing Game

Hey, friends, I have known Unarc.dll or Isdone -1 or -14 or another error is very frustrating because I already faced these problems in Fitgirl repacks and I tried all possible ways to fix this I watch many YouTube video and search on Google about this problem but I can't able to fix this error but anyway I don't give up and finally, after a month I found the solution so I thought why not share the solution to everybody! and finally, I share the solution on how to fix Unarc.dll returned an error code: -1 with all of you.

Top 3 Reasons:-

  1. Setup file corrupted by Windows Defender
  2. Missing Windows files in System32
  3. Low Disk space

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):-

  • Question: Does it work in Windows 7 or 8?
  • Answer: Yes, doesn't matter the Operating System.

  • Question: Can we apply this Solution to any games?
  • Answer: Of Course, you can apply this tutorial to any game in the world.

  • Question: Should we need higher than 8GB RAM size?
  • Answer: No, I saw lots of videos who claims you need at least more then 8GB RAM, but I don't believe because I knew all are fake I mean you can try even if you have only 2 or 4 GB ram.

  • Question: Can we try in x32 bit (x86) OS?
  • Answer: Defiantly

Here is Bonus Point

Can we get Rid of this problem in the future?

The answer is Yes you can get rid of these problems

See how

Whenever you going to download the game Setup first make sure you Off Windows Defender or any other Third-party Antivirus which you Installed on your Computer, after ensuring this you can never get these errors.

As you can see here I have Windows Defender

Guys let's begin the Tutorial but friends I want to literally sorry because I can't able to show this tutorial in the word I mean because this is a very long process So, I thought I share my YouTube Video Just watch and Fix, My video is down below here

Guys, I hope you easily fix this error. 😊 
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