How To Fix Unarc.dll While Installing Games

Hello, guys if you are suffering from unarc.dll an error returned code -14 while installing games, So don't worry I founded a solution for this error and I believe it works for you.

Before starting the article you may have to know the reason for these errors

All Causes:
Setup file corrupted in 80% cases and only 20% other reason now if you think how the setup will going corrupted so read below.

Top 2 reasons to corrupt setup data

  • 1st Windows defender treat to setup file as malware
  • 2nd Setup not Downloading properly

So, let's go to the main point which is how can we fix this problem.

See the solution below ▼ please follow all Steps otherwise maybe it will not be working

Step 1: Press Win+R on your computer then type 'temp' and press OK

Press Win+R to open Run

Now Press Ctrl+A to select all and then press Shift+Del to delete permanently

Delete temp files

After doing this Do this same just Press Win+R and type %temp% and prefetch delete these folders also.

Delete these also like temp

Step 2: Go To windows defender and open Virus & threat protection off all protections like realtime protection, and go back and choose Protection History, and wait 5-6 seconds for loading files.

Open Windows Defender

Go To Virus & Threat Protection

Click On Manage Settings

And Here All Protections

Go Back

Choose Protection History

Zoom and Read This

Here click and check one by one and ensure your setup is not in this list, If your setup folder showing then Click on the action and allow to restore.

Step 3: Put the unarc.dll file on your system32 folder & for x64 SysWOW64

My unarc.dll file

After downloading my Unarc.dll file simply right click and choose extract here

Extract Here

Copy the unarc.dll

See the Installation:

For x32 bit: Go To C:\Windows\System32 and Paste here unarc.dll

Go To My Computer and Open C: Drive
And Here Go To Windows folder

Here find the system32 folder and Paste

For x64 bit: Go To C:\Windows\System32 and Paste here unarc.dll and also paste in C:\Windows\SysWOW64

For x64 bit Paste in this both folders

Congrats you completed the Installation 


Next Step is Reboot your PC and Install the Game and Enjoy...!!

Read this: Guy's if you trying all these methods but still not working so it means your file was not downloaded properly so you need to do Please download the Setup again.

Contact if you facing any problem Instagram: @rockgamerofficial Or you can comment below.

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