How To Fix Unknown AMD Processor in Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones

Guy's literally Unknown AMD Processor error is the most popular problem in Prince Of Persia game series but anywhere today we are Fix this problem in POP The Two Thrones, have you ever wondered why this error comes? Actually, the reason for this error is behind of this game optimization, this game is only optimized for Intel processors AMD doesn't support the game but doesn't worry I have a cure for this so let's begin the tutorial.

I know how much you effort and tired for fixing this problem but you can't able fix it because mostly posts are fake about this topic, But guys you can trust me blindly because this method is 100% working just follow my steps.

Step 1 you need this file  Click Here To Download

File size: 2 MB

Step 2 After downloading you will get a file .rar file which name is 'Unknown AMD Fix By Rock Gamer' right-click on it and choose 'Extract Here'

Step 3 After extracting the file now 'Copy' all three files

Step 4 After 'Copy' the files Go To main game folder and 'Paste'

Choose Replace the files

Most important step

In Game folder find the 'Hardware.ini' file and right-click on it and Open With choose Notepad

Once you open with Notepad here at the top 4th line fill your Graphics name Carefully in Description= Your graphics name

How to find an accurate graphics name?

Press Windows+R key on your keyboard and type 'dxdiag' and press OK

After open dxdiag Go to Display tab and Here you can see your exact graphics Name 
Attention: Please fill this exact same without any mistake

You can see here I fill exactly same

After fill graphics name simply 'Save' and close

Now your game is fixed and you can enjoy the game

How To Launch game See:

First Open the 'Prince Of Persia.exe' and then open 'POP.exe' Done Enjoy

Friend's if you have any query or problem so you can frequently DM me on Instagram I'm will always available for you

Thanks for reading the post 😊

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