How To Get 1920x1080p Resolution in GTA San Andreas

Hey, friends here I'm sharing with you How To Get from 1680x1050 to Full HD 1920x1080 in-game resolution in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas after reading the blog you understood how we can apply FHD resolution in this game so let's begin the tutorial but please note in some PC not working this method so don't offense and try another mod from another site tutorial, it's not mean this will not work on you PC I recommend you please try this method, I hope this work's for you.


Step 1 you need this file Click Here To Download

Step 2 After downloading you will get .rar file Name 'GTA San 1920x1080' Just right click on rar file and choose 'Extract Here'

Step 3 After 'Extract' the file you will get a folder which name is 'GTA San 1920x1080' Now open the folder and copy the 'sadisplayresolutions.asi' file

After Coping the file Go To your Game Folder location and simply right click and 'Paste'

Game Folder

Now Installation is done 😊

See how to launch the game simple Right Click on 'GTA SA' and Choose 'Run as administer' and after load loading screen go to game Option> Display Setup> Advance and change the Resolution option in game

Final Step

So, guy's you saw how easy it is to install full HD display size in GTA San Andreas, if you liked this post, please share it and if you are having any problem, you can message me on Instagram, and if you can't able to do these steps so you can watch my video on YouTube I can't provide the link here you can find video manually go to YouTube and search how to get 1920x1080p Resolution in GTA San Andreas and you can find my video by this thumbnail channel name is Rock Gamer.

Thanks for visit 😊

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