How To Over Clock Monitor hz in Nvidia GPU

If, you bored to play games on 60hz monitor, So don't worry because today I will share how to overclock monitor's refresh rate up to max Hz depending on your monitor.


Que: Does will it work for all monitors?
Ans: Yes, It will work for all types of monitors, but it also depends on your monitor's capability.

Que: Does, any risk to overclocking?
Ans: Generally, no it's doesn't have risk if you overclock carefully, but if you make any mistake then Chance's to damage your monitor or black screen temporarily.

Read me: Only, CRT monitors will damage, LED Monitors should not damage but it can show a temporary black screen.

How to fix if I'm getting a black screen?
Simply, if you made mistake and got a black screen then if you format your PC it will fix automatically.

Note: Read the tutorial carefully and follow it carefully:-

How To Overclock Monitor

Step 1: Right-click in blank space on the desktop and choose Nvidia Control panel

Step 2: Here click on Change Resolution under Display

Step 3: Go to Customize and Choose create custom resolution

Step 4: Attention here guys please Test 1 by 1 Hz and when you will get Black Screen so don't panic just wait 20 seconds.

For example:
My monitor is 60hz so I will test 1 by 1 hz

Like this
61 hz
62 hz
63 hz
78hz for me when, I test 79 Hz than my Screen is black for 20 seconds. So it means my monitor is capable up to 78hz.

Step 5:  Once you done test now simply click on Yes and apply

Step 5: Now choose the custom resolution and then choose max hz and click on apply.

Over clocking is now done guys, and now you can play the games smoother than before.

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