How To Control Recoil in PUBG PC Lite

Clean These Things on your mind

➤Why I can able to only 4-5 Kills!
➤This game is hard for me!
If these types of things on your mind so clean these things.

➨Hey, friends if you are a beginner in PUBG PC Lite and you can't able to control Gun recoil so It normal thing, and if you wanna control recoil as soon as possible then follow these tips below.

All these tips are based on my 6 months of experience.


➤ Guy's if you use a normal cheap mouse then please avoid it and buy a blue sensor gaming mouse with 3200 DPI.

➤If you think gaming mouse is costly, then it's a complete myth because gaming mouse is available in under 6-7$ online market and also Offline market by the way if gaming mouse is not available in Offline shop so, don't worry you can buy online by Amazon.

Note: Please use a Mouse pad.


Whenever you going to press mouse for shoot the bullet's then immediately pull down your mouse slowly in the down direction.


Friends you need stability and according to my experience stability comes from practice and patience well the point is you need to practice at least 21 days to 1 month daily 2-3 hours I have known its frustrating but you can't achieve without the practice, Why 21 days? Guy's if you are a Science student so I believe you know any habit needs Neuron cells and new Neuron cells develop in at least 21 days but in some cases, it will get more time.

➥Where can we practice?

Don't practice in Practice mode map, I recommend you to practice on TDM FPP Mode.

Here are some best low recoil guns.

M416: Very low recoil
QBZ: Low Recoil
AKM: High recoil
Beryl M762: Max Recoil in the game

➧Guys actually only 3 guns mostly people use which are M416, AKM & Beryl well I recommend M416 for beginners.


Don't forget to pair components. 
I personally use Red dot sight, AR Compensator, Vertical Foregrip.

➤My mouse sensitivity & settings on 3200 DPI

General Sensitivity- 58
Verticle Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.48
Aim Sensitivity: 58
ADS Sensitivity: 58

╳ Avoid these things

╳ Practice with different guns
╳ Play without Attachments
╳ Play without a mouse pad

◯ Friends Follow these all steps, and I'm pretty sure you will able to Control the Recoil in the next 21 days and you will become a pro player in Player Unknown's BattleGrounds PC Lite.

Guys, I don't believe in knowledge because knowledge is the second thing but, The Experience is necessary to do anything, for example, if you want to learn how to drive a Car so here you can't drive a car by only knowledge, because here you need experience and practice more then the knowledge.

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