Top 10 Most Popular PC Games - Old & New

Hey, guys today I will be showing you the top 10 PC adventure, royal battle, shooting & open-world games which is popular from the previous 10 years in history, So let's begin the top ten games list.

Guy's all these games are only mentioned by number wise not mentioned by rating and all these games are best.

Number 1: 

  •  Tomb Raider Underworld 

Details: Tomb Raider Underworld is an Adventurer mysterious game the main character's name is Lara Croft.

Story: In this game, Lara's mother was kidnapped by a superstitious girl so you understood Lara's life goal is only finding his mother but sadly she can't able to find his mother at the game-ending you will make cry.

Graphics: Friends, trust me you can't able to recognize that is 13 years old game because the game graphics is like 2020 games.

Total parts: 7 Levels with many Sublavels Very Hard mysterious game.

Type: Offline

Where to play: The game is available on Steam but if you don't have money so don't worry you can play free I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel.

Number 2:

  •  Tomb Raider anniversary 

Details: Guys this game is a previous version of tomb raider Underworld this is released before 1 year of launching Tomb Raider Underworld, again this game's character is Lara Croft and game type is riddle mysterious & full of adventure and so many bosses in this game.

Graphics: Graphics is still looking better according to the 2020 games.

Total parts: 14 parts Last part name - Final Conflict

Type: Offline

Where to play: It's available on Steam and again if you don't have money so don't worry I uploaded a video on my channel.

Number 3:

  •  GTA San Andreas 

Details: Friends GTA San Andreas is an open-world game it means you can do anything in this game like real life the game was launched in 2004 so this is 16 years old game in 2020 but still this game is popular because I think it's childhood game of most people.

Story: Not particular many types of stories

Graphics: Graphics is looking minor old but you can improve the graphics using GTA graphics mod.

Total missions: 94 Last mission- The End Of Line

Where to play: Also it's available on Steam but if you don't have money so don't worry I uploaded a video on my channel.

Type: Offline

Number 4:

  •  GTA Vice City 

Details: Again this game is an Open World game like San Andreas but this is smaller than San Andreas and not full freedom.

Story: Different different types of mission

Graphics: Guy's graphics in this game is better than San Andreas.

Total missions:

Where to play: Check my YouTube channel.

Type: Offline

Number 5: 

  •  PUBG PC Lite 

Details: PUBG PC Lite is a Royal battle enemy shooting game it's launch in 2019 and this game was Thailand & Korean project now this is fully launched.

Graphics: Amazing Graphics I love it

Total map: 6 maps 2 maps are Team Death and 4 maps are Public Maps.

Top guns: AKM, Beryl M762, and M416 for snipping Kar98k & M24 but the most powerful snipping gun is AWM green gun but it's not available easily it's only stored in Dropbox in a public match.

Type: Online

Where to play: It's officially a free game you can play freely.

Number 6:

  •  IGI 2 

Details: IGI 2 is a shooting game which launched in 2002 I knew it's a very old game around 18 years old by 2020 but this game can provide you best experience of shooting game and I'm sure you heard about IGI 3 Upcoming game.

Story: Mission surgical strike

Graphics: No, better according to 2002.

Type: Online & Offline

Where to play: I uploaded a video on my channel. 

Number 7:
  •  Valorant  

Details: Valorant is a Shooter game like Counter Strike Global Offensive and currently It's recently launched Shooter PC game and It wood popular day by day.

Graphics: Anime Modern.

Type: Online

Where to play: This game is free you can play it from Riot Game, by the way, uploaded a video on my channel.

Number 8:
  •  Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands 

Details: POP the forgotten sands is Adventurer, Mysterious & walkthrough game, it's launch in 2010 from Ubisoft Singapore.

Story: Finding Rataash boss & Kill

Graphics: Absolutely, Perfect 5 stars from me

Total bosses: Many bosses but 3 are monster bosses which are Ratash, Malik, the last boss is Transformed Ratash

Type: Offline

Where to play: I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel.

Number 9:
  •  Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones 

Details: Prince Of Persia The Two Thrones is an old version of POP The Forgotten Sands but the story is very interesting because there are so many adventures and so many dangerous bosses, That's why this is my Favorite game.

Graphics: Good

Total bosses: 4 bosses Klompa, Mahasti, Twin Warriors and the last is The Vizier

Type: Offline

Where to play: Search on YouTube

Number 10:
  •  Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Times 

Details: Prince Of Persia The Sands of Times is older then POP The Two Thrones but in this game, some of the parts are very hard because the enemies are very powerful.

Story: Saving The Princess

Graphics: Perfect

Total bosses: 2 bosses but if you a new player, So hard for you because 1st boss The Sand King's enemy team is extremely powerful and the 2nd boss is weak The Vizier.

Type: Offline

Where to play: I uploaded a video

So, friends, this was our list of top 10 games, if you liked it, please tell us in the comment. And if you want to ask me, you can ask me

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